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About Geo's Pizza

Geo's Pizza was founded in 1985 in what is still our current location at 715 S. Broadway Street in Coal City. At that time we were known as Coal Valley Pizza Express.

We started with 4 partners and 2 employees. At that time we had seating for 45 guests with a very small kitchen. Most of our business was dine in and carryout, as our delivery business grew we continued to add employees and equipment. Which is something we continue to do every year, Throughout the following 28 years we removed seating to expand our kitchen, which now takes up the entire building.

Several years ago with our continued capacity expansion we were in need of an offsite office. We purchased and renovated the building at 355 Broadway Street in Coal City which currently is the office for Geo's Pizza. In that same building we currently lease the street side to Twenty First Century Realty.

With the addition of 3 new high efficiency high capacity pizza ovens and our heated delivery vehicle, Geo's Pizza has current capacity to produce and deliver over 200 16" pizzas in 1 hour. We have successfully delivered to a local commercial customer 200 16" pizzas in 58 minutes. This is a feat that NONE of our competitors can come close to.

Geo's Pizza currently has 35 members of our team, some of them second generation. We are very proud of our employees and our current success is directly related to the dedication of these and past team members.

From the very beginning Geo's Pizza has made a commitment to always treat our customers with the utmost respect and dignity. We believed from day one that if we served our customers the best quality product that we can produce at a fair and reasonable price we would be successful. Twenty-nine years later we are still totally committed to that belief.

Geo's Pizza has also made a commitment to constantly seek out and improve our menu. We currently use #1 mozzarella cheese in the world. A statement that none of our competitors can make or are willing to pay for. We have decided to take the high road when it comes to food, service, and equipment. We believe this decision is the reason we are still in business and expanding after a quarter of a century.

We currently employ the latest technology in the restaurant business to serve our customers in the most efficient way possible. We were the first restaurant in the county to offer online ordering and the first restaurant in the county to deliver with a heated, health department approved delivery vehicle.

We also train and educate our employees beyond the National Restaurant Association standards. Including attendance annually at the National Restaurant Association show, and the International Pizza Expo. Last but not least from the beginning we decided that every year that we were in business we would give back to the communities that we serve.

Every year for the past 29 years we have given back 10% of our profit to our community. It is a commitment that is now one of the most rewarding parts of our business.

Larry & Susan Tarman & staff

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